Maintain Good Oral Health With General Dentistry in Monroe

If you brush twice a day and floss regularly, you are already making good decisions for your oral health. However, you also need to visit the dentist every six months to keep your smile healthy and get ahead of dental issues before they become big problems. By choosing Monroe Smiles for your general dentistry in Monroe, WA, you can:

  • Enjoy good oral health throughout your life
  • Protect your long term health
  • Prevent cavities, gum disease, and other issues from arising
  • Feel good about how your teeth look and feel
  • Get a boost in confidence about your smile

Call 360-967-0101 for an appointment. We have appointments available as early as 7 a.m. so you can see us before work or school!

Nourish Your Smile With General Dental Services

It’s a wonderful feeling when you know your teeth and gums are healthy. By choosing us as your partner in dental care, we’ll ensure you’ll enjoy that good feeling for many years to come. You benefit from our team’s extensive experience, modern technology, and wide range of treatment options for you and your family.

We offer these general dentist services:

  • Dental Cleanings and Exams We’ll thoroughly clean your teeth and check your mouth for problems like cavities, gum disease, and oral cancer. If you are a new patient, we’ll spend about an hour-and-a-half with you to get to know your dental history, any immediate concerns, and your smile goals.
  • Gum Disease Treatment – If you show signs of gum disease, we use a variety of treatment methods depending on the level of disease in your gums. We may use a combination of infection therapy, a deep-cleaning procedure called scaling and root planing, or our diode laser treatment.
  • Dry Mouth Treatment – We will recommend products you can use to alleviate uncomfortable symptoms and improve your overall oral health. Left untreated, dry mouth makes you more prone to cavities and other problems.
  • Bad Breath Treatment – Breath issues can often be the result of an underlying issue, such as gum disease or infection. We’ll get to the root of the problem and restore your good breath.
  • Night Guards – If you grind your teeth, we can provide you a custom-made oral appliance that will act as a barrier between your teeth. Best of all, we can make it right here in our office.

Make the right choices for your dental health by choosing a team that cares about your smile. We also have an in-house membership club that covers your preventive treatments like cleanings and exams for a small monthly fee. Plus, you’ll receive discounts on other services. It’s perfect for patients without insurance!

For general dentistry in Monroe, call 360-967-0101 for an appointment. You can also request an appointment online.