Relieving Dental Anxiety
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  • Relax while we fix your smile with painless anesthesia
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We’re Committed to Relieving Dental Anxiety in Monroe, WA

Stats Image Up to 1 in 7 people are afraid of the dentist. Source.
Are you ready to feel great while visiting the dentist? We know that people can feel uneasy when it’s time to get their oral care. That’s why our entire team goes out of their way to relieve dental anxiety in Monroe. At Monroe Smiles, our experienced, friendly staff puts your comfort first. We are committed to making all of our patients feel at ease. Some of the ways we care for our patients include:

  • Effective and safe nitrous oxide (laughing gas) to help your procedure go as easily and comfortably as possible
  • Oral sedation in a simple pill form to take the anxious edge off your treatment
  • Amenities like pillows, blankets, and headphones to help you get cozy and relax
  • A complimentary beverage station so you can sip on relaxing tea or hydrate with some fresh water

We’re committed to ensuring you feel no discomfort, pain, or stress during any procedure at Monroe Smiles. If you’re feeling anxious, let us know. We’d be happy to talk you through our relaxing options. Call 360-967-0101 for an anxiety-free appointment.

We’ll Reduce Your Anxiety With Comfort & Compassion

It’s not uncommon for people to have a phobia about visiting the dentist. Their fear is usually due to a painful, embarrassing, or uncomfortable experience in the past. In fact, an estimated 9-15 percent of Americans skip their dental care because they are afraid of how it will feel. The problem is that when people ignore the dentist, the care they may need later on will be more extensive and expensive.

At Monroe Smiles, you’ll find it easy to relax:

  • Our dentists have fun, caring, and gentle natures. They love to build relationships with their patients. The better they get to know you, the better they can provide long-term care for you and your family. 
  • Our team will take the time to discuss multiple payment options with you so you can get the care you need and not stress out about finances. Anxiety over insurance and other payment plans can cause some patients to avoid the dentist. Just let us know if you have questions about your insurance coverage or other payment options.

Call 360-967-0101 or request an appointment online to make your first appointment at our office today. We’re ready to help with relieving dental anxiety in Monroe.

Common Questions About Relieving Dental Anxiety

Can you help with relieving dental anxiety?

Yes, we would love the opportunity to help you overcome your dental anxiety and get the dental care you need. Our team is fully trained to help even the most anxious patients relax and feel comfortable in our dental chair. Over the years, many patients have benefited from our compassionate and relaxing approach to dentistry.

What can you do to relieve dental anxiety?

Our experienced team is fully trained to listen to all your needs and answer all your questions so that you’re completely comfortable. If there’s anything you need to help ease your nerves, just let us know, and we’ll do what we can to help. We also offer soothing dental sedation to eliminate your anxiety.

Are there steps I can take at home to relieve dental anxiety?

We believe that a relaxing visit begins at home. If you start to feel anxious about your procedure, simply let your body go limp and take several deep breaths slowly. Picture yourself lying comfortably in our dental chair in your private care room, fully relaxed and at peace. Then, when you’re actually in the office, you can use this same technique to help ease any residual anxiety.

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