Revive Your Smile With Dental Implants in Monroe

Don’t let multiple missing teeth ruin your smile and dictate what you can and can’t eat. If you need dental implants in Monroe, WA, we can help! If you’re missing multiple teeth in a row, we may recommend a dental bridge to restore your smile. The bridge is non-removable, so it won’t slip or come loose. It’s anchored in place by two custom-made dental crowns. Crowns are placed on the teeth or implants next to the space left by the missing tooth.

These crowns hold your replacement teeth in place, ensuring that your bridge will not easily move or come loose. Benefits of this procedure include :

  • Getting back your ability to speak normally and eat what you like
  • Reducing excess stress on your bite
  • Restoring the natural shape of your face
  • Replacing a removable partial denture
  • Preventing your remaining teeth from changing position
  • Creating a more attractive, fuller smile

If you’re ready to get back to loving your smile and enjoying your favorite foods, call us at 360-967-0101 today. We can’t wait to help you meet your smile goals!

Ask about our membership club. You’ll pay a low monthly fee to cover the cost of routine services like exams and cleanings. Plus, you’ll receive discounts on other treatments like restorative services.

Enjoy Smiling & Eating What You Want Again

It’s not uncommon to be missing one or more teeth. In fact, more than 23 million Americans are in the same boat. If you’re interested in implants, we’ll coordinate your placement procedure with an oral surgeon. Once your implants have fully healed, you’ll be ready to return to our office so we can attach a bridge or other restoration to them. Unlike other kinds of replacement teeth, implants will keep you from suffering the bone loss that happens after losing teeth.

Monroe Smiles has acquired the technology and skills to make sure you can get the care you need and get back to enjoying a complete smile and confident bite.

Some of the ways we look out for you are: 

  • CEREC Same-Day Crowns: This advanced technology allows our patients to get custom-fit crowns in a few hours, rather than weeks. You can regain your full oral functionality in one day! 
  • Medit Intraoral Scanner: This technology shines by improving our consultation process, so we can provide you with better treatment options.
  • Sedation Dentistry: If you’re feeling anxious about getting your dental implants restored, we offer sedation to help you relax. 
  • Dental Emergency Care: If you knocked out or severely damaged a tooth, we’ll be happy to help you get back to normal ASAP!

Call us today at 360-967-0101 to see how dental implants in Monroe, WA, can change your life!  You can also request an appointment online.  We can’t wait to help you get back to the lifestyle you love!